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CT coronary angiography

August 21, 2020 - by WKCPAdmin

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Computed tomography (CT) of the heart uses special x-ray equipment to produce pictures of the coronary arteries to determine if they are blocked or narrowed.

Heart valve surgery

August 18, 2020 - by WKCPAdmin

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These procedures are usually performed as ‘open-heart surgery’ and are very effective treatments often resulting in a complete resolution of symptoms.

Implantable defibrillators

August 21, 2020 - by WKCPAdmin

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An implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) is a small battery-powered device placed in your chest to monitor your heart rhythm and detect irregular heartbeats: an ICD can deliver electric shocks via one or more wires connected to your heart to fix an abnormal heart rhythm.

Myocardial perfusion scan

August 17, 2020 - by WKCPAdmin

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This is a test to examine the blood supply to your heart muscle under stress conditions (similar to exercise) to see if there are any problems with the blood vessels supplying your heart muscle.


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