9 years ago I was having problems and was recommended to use the West Kent Cardiology Practice by my medical insurers (which in itself was a thumbs up!) and found to have need of a stent. The whole process was handled quickly and efficiently by the practice.

I have since been attending every year for monitoring and find that you are made to feel as if you are the only patient that they have to concern themselves about. The staff and Dr Lawson are so very easy to talk to and allay any fears that you have.

RH, Uckfield

My experience at the hands of West Kent Cardiology was diagnosis with promptitude, professional clarity and a route to recovery, all delivered with unfailing courtesy – a combination constituting a safeguard against considerable anxieties.

Sir David Phillips

I have been a patient of the West Kent Cardiology Practice for several years. I would like to take this opportunity to state that the treatment I have received has been first class, from my consultant Clive Lawson, from the team who provide the diagnostic and testing facilities and from all members of your administration staff. I have always been provided with a professional service where nothing has been too much trouble. The practice is well set up with all diagnostic equipment required to facilitate proper diagnosis and ongoing support.

I would like to thank you for this specialist medical service that has met my needs.

Grahame Russell

I have been a patient at West Kent Cardiology for over a decade. Throughout this time I have always been impressed by the superb standard of care offered by everyone at the clinic, from excellent consultants to kind nurses, friendly receptionists and the very efficient Practice Manager, Nicola, so much so that potentially stressful annual checkups always pass smoothly and calmly. Most importantly, I am very grateful for the attentive, sensitive, and above all hugely professional care of my wonderful cardiologist Dr Harrington. I have no hesitation at all in recommending the clinic.

Dr Josephine Balmer

I was referred to West Kent Cardiology for suspected angina. Although I was naturally apprehensive, from the first telephone call, to make an appointment, I was reassured by the kindness and discretion of all the staff. Consultations and treatment take place in most welcoming surroundings and all procedures are carried out in a manner which preserves patient dignity. All staff, both medical and administrative, treat patients with sensitivity and the utmost professionalism. West Kent Cardiology offer exceptional care, and I can recommend the Partnership without reservation.

Graham Lightwood

Dr Lawson is a thoroughly competent cardiologist and is well-known and highly recommended by my GP and local friends. My pacemaker was fitted with great technical skill; the operating site impressively neatly stitched. I also noted the excellent rapport with the other staff in the operating theatre and with the patient, ensuring the procedure was carried out smoothly and with no drama.

I also saw in action the impressive administrative and secretarial team that backs him up to ensure that this is so. They dealt with my queries, my insurer and the local NHS hospital (Pembury) where the clinical work was done.


West Kent Cardiology have looked after me for some 10 years now.

In 2009, after some weeks of passing round various specialists – mainly due to my innate inability to describe symptoms with any degree of accuracy or helpfulness, they immediately made a probable diagnosis after a few tests and carried out an angiogram.

This culminated in their discovering I needed a heart bypass which they also arranged quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of fuss and the absolute maximum of effectiveness.

I’ve had a couple of small standard operational side effect follow up issues – fibrillation etc – quickly dealt with in my annual hand-holding check-up but am still here, hale and hearty and will remain ever grateful to them for the interest and professionalism showed as well as their massive capabilities.

I would not hesitate to recommend – well indeed I have on more than one occasion – their comprehensive and skilful services.

Stephen Hills

I was referred to the practice when my GP detected a heart murmur. The professional and speedy response was exceptionally good and the arrangements and testing before open-heart surgery exemplary.

I have absolute confidence in the diagnoses, prescriptions and support given by the practice.

John S

In the eleven years since I have been a patient at West Kent Cardiology, I have experienced a high degree of professional skill with a caring attitude shown by all the staff. The organisation is administratively very efficient.

Peter Woodward

I am writing this recommendation as a local GP. I am a partner of 2 practices with over 13,000 patients.

Over many years, I have appreciated the care given to my patients by West Kent Cardiology and they remain my recommendation when discussing options with my patients.

I would not hesitate to recommend all the cardiologists here. It is particularly important that patients know that if their cardiologist is not available, they will still be cared for to the highest standard.

I only really appreciated how amazing the facilities were when I became a patient of Dr Lawson and was seen at Warwick Park.

Being a doctor, I am not particularly phased by being seen in hospital, but I did find going to Warwick Park a much nicer experience. The surgery is very well equipped but with a much more relaxed and friendly atmosphere, while retaining the professionalism that I would expect from a cardiology service.

I hope that this testimonial helps patients to feel reassured by their decision to entrust their care to West Kent Cardiology.

Dr Alison Fyfe

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