We offer a wide range of cardiac assessments and investigations to help provide an accurate diagnosis.

Patients with cardiac symptoms can be referred to us by their GP for specialist advice and we also offer a cardiac screening programme for anyone looking to have their heart assessed.

We also undertake investigations for local GPs and Health Trusts, as well as conducting medical examinations and specialist cardiac tests for a large number of major insurance companies.

Your Consultant Cardiologist may recommend a number of different tests and investigations to help diagnose your cardiac symptoms/condition. One of our experienced Practice Nurses will discuss these in detail with you when booking your appointment. All our staff have in-depth knowledge of the range of treatments and what’s involved and will happily answer any queries you may have

Investigations we may recommend include:

• Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Blood tests
Echocardiogram (Echo)
• Specialised Echocardiograms
– Trans-oesophageal echo (TOE)
Stress echo study
Exercise stress test
Myocardial perfusion scan (‘Thallium scan’)
Coronary angiogram (‘Cardiac catheter’)
• 24 hour ECG recording
7-day cardiac event recorder
Tilt testing


Most patients with heart disease can be managed medically with a combination of lifestyle interventions and medications. Others, however, may need to have invasive or interventional treatment procedures performed. These will be usually be performed personally by your Cardiologist at a local hospital. If you require highly specialised treatments not undertaken by West Kent Cardiology Partnership Consultants you may be referred to a Consultant in London who has a special interest in your particular condition.

When you see your Cardiologist to review the results of your tests and your diagnosis he will discuss in detail the procedure that you require explaining the aim of the treatment, what the procedure involves and any risks that may be associated with it. You will be given a detailed information sheet regarding the procedure to take home with you to read. If you do not have medical insurance you will also be given a quote for the cost of your procedure which will include the hospital charges, your Consultant’s fees and also the anaesthetic fee (if necessary).

For your convenience we have listed the main treatment procedures that may be recommended to you. These may include:

Coronary angioplasty and stenting
Coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Heart valve surgery
Permanent pacemaker
Implantable defibrillators
Cardiac resynchronisation therapy


When you are ready to book a procedure our Administration Department will offer you a variety of dates and you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs. Where appropriate we are happy to contact your medical insurance company directly to seek authorisation for your procedure. Patients generally find this helpful as often the insurance companies require procedure codes and other technical information. This will also help us to reassure you that you are properly covered to have the procedure performed as these treatments can be expensive. With a small number of insurers there may be a shortfall on your Consultant’s professional fee (ie your medical insurer does not cover the fee in full, leaving you liable to settle the shortfall directly). Where necessary our Administration Team will point this out to you both verbally and in writing prior to booking your procedure. We hate our patients to have nasty surprises once their treatment has been completed!

Once your medical insurers have confirmed cover for your treatment or, if you do not have insurance, you have agreed to settle the quoted fees we will book your procedure directly with the hospital. You will then be sent a detailed letter with information and instructions on the day of your procedure. We encourage you to contact our Administration Team directly if you have any queries regarding these arrangements and if you have any questions directly relating to your treatment your Consultant will be happy to answer them for you.

Within 24 hours of your procedure having been performed and your discharge from hospital your Consultant will write a detailed summary to your General Practitioner outlining what was done and the results of the procedure. This will also include details of any changes of medication or post-procedure instructions. Our Administration Team will ring you on the day following your discharge to see how you are and to answer any questions you may have. If necessary they will also arrange a follow-up consultation for you to come and meet your Consultant.


Because we recognise that you may feel anxious about your symptoms we aim to conduct your consultation and your investigations promptly in a relaxed, friendly and comfortable environment. We offer a wide variety of clinic times and appointments including some evenings and Saturdays to accommodate busy and working patients.

West Kent Cardiology Partnership is a recognised provider of quality cardiological care by all the major medical insurance companies and we are very happy to assist with any insurance queries you may have. Our administration team will also be happy to provide quotes for non insured patients who may be interested in funding their own consultations and treatments.


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