Tilt testing

August 17, 2020 - by WKCPAdmin

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This test may be recommended if you have experienced repeated dizziness and fainting and is used to help establish the cause of these symptoms. You will be placed on a special bed and tilted to 60 degrees with your head up. During this time your pulse and blood pressure will be very closely monitored. If your symptoms are due to a common this investigation may provoke similar symptoms. If, however, the test is negative your Consultant may wish to undertake further investigations to establish if your symptoms are due to a cardiac or neurological condition.

This investigation is currently conducted in London at Hammersmith Hospital. You will be contacted directly to arrange your tilt test at a time convenient to you. You will then be given detailed instructions/information. The results will be sent to your Cardiologist who will discuss them in detail with you at a review consultation.


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