Cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT)

August 18, 2020 - by WKCPAdmin

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Advanced technology in cardiac pacemakers has allowed the development of specialised pacemakers designed to help patients with resistant heart failure which has not responded adequately to medical therapy. The action of this ‘biventricular’ pacemaker improves the coordination and pumping action of the heart and can result in a significant improvement in symptoms and quality of life for many patients.

Your Cardiologist will discuss the rationale for cardiac resynchronisation therapy with you in detail. If you decide to have this procedure undertaken you will need to be referred to a Consultant Cardiologist with expertise in complex pacemaker devices as this is a very specialised procedure. Our Consultant Cardiologists work closely with a number of these specialists and will be able to recommend and refer you on to one of these highly experienced professionals. They will arrange to meet you in their Consulting Rooms and will discuss the procedure in detail with you.

Following implantation, you will need to go back and see your Cardiac Device Specialist for review. If he is happy with your progress and the function of your pacemaker he will discharge you back into the care of your local Cardiologist for your future monitoring and management. We will then contact you to arrange a convenient appointment. Once you have had a biventricular pacemaker its function will need to be tested every 6 months at a specialist pacemaker clinic. We will arrange this for you and they will contact you directly to arrange a convenient appointment.


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