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An ablation procedure may be recommended if you have a heart rhythm disturbance which causes unacceptable symptoms and proves resistant to medical therapy and/or cardioversion procedures. In some patients, these rhythm disturbances are caused by regions of abnormal electrical tissue in the heart which can effectively ‘short circuit’ normal heartbeats causing fast abnormal heartbeats and palpitations. Ablation therapy involves identifying the normal and abnormal electrical circuits in your heart and then using a special probe to burn the abnormal tissue permanently to stop it from causing further problems. This can be a very effective treatment of persistent heart arrhythmias with a significant reduction in symptoms. In some cases, it can prove a curative procedure.

Your local Cardiologist will discuss ablation therapy with you but if you decide to have this undertaken you will need to be treated by a Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist in London who specialises in these treatments as this is a highly specialised field. Our Consultant Cardiologists work closely with a number of Cardiac Electrophysiologists and will be able to recommend and refer you on to one of these highly experienced professionals who will arrange a consultation with you to discuss this treatment in more detail.

Once your ablation has been performed you will normally see your Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist for review 6 weeks after the procedure. Once he is happy with your progress he will discharge you back into the care of your Cardiologist locally for ongoing monitoring and management.


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